A Letter from Our Founder

Sports has always been a passion of mine, and looking back, I truly believe that without sports I would not be where I am today.  Growing up in South Central LA, I didn’t have anyone to push me or tell me that I could do better, that I could go to college.  Playing sports afforded me the opportunity to work with coaches and mentors who were able to guide me, and provide the knowledge and opportunity that I would not have had otherwise. 

They believed in me, and in doing so helped me believe in myself. 

Rising STARS was founded to help kids like myself dream and achieve bigger.   We believe that by exposing kids to all the possibilities and providing them with the proper guidance they can not only achieve their goals but reach even higher.  


This is where we come in, as coaches and mentors who can provide guidance, opportunity and the tools needed for success, for not only the athlete but their parents as well.

You can help support our mission through a donation made payable to Rising STARS.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, any donation made is tax deductible.

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About Us

Rising STARS was founded to help athletes strive for greatness on the field but understand that dedication in the classroom is the priority. We teach our athletes that through sports they can better their education, and in doing so improve their lives.

Our goal is to show them that their dreams are attainable and with hard work and the proper guidance they can achieve them. There are no shortcuts to success but together we can help pave the way. 


We provide mentorship, tutoring, enrichment, and elite sports performance training for student athletes. We focus on building not just athletes but the overall person and setting them up for not only success in sports but, most importantly, in life.

We are currently looking for donations to assist us in reaching our fundraising goal of $200,000 to provide scholarships to our programs and continue to build our mentorship programs and seminars for both students and parents. With these funds, we will be able to impact more of the youth in our community and increase the services we currently offer.

To read more on our programs and offerings please download our information deck.


As a 501(c)(3) organization, any donation made is tax deductible, Tax-ID #82-1266565